Jessica Vaughn’s mission is to help women know their identity and worth comes from Christ. She inspires and encourages thousands by sharing her own personal struggles, victories, and journey through life.  

After trying to do fitness on her own terms and without bringing God into the picture, she realized that after working with hundreds of clients, that the #1 thing many women are lacking in their weight loss plan is making God #1 and a priority. Faith must come before fitness is something Jessica stands by and knows is true.  

She runs a successful online faith and fitness business where women from all over the world coming together for one mission: to love God, to get healthy, and to help others to do the same while building a business that honors God and our priorities.

Jessica is also the author of the three best-selling books, Know Your Worth, A Worthy Wife, and Own Your Worth. Along with a journal line and a Morning Prayer Devotional.  

After launching her first business and authoring several books Jessica launch her online member community for single Christian women. Own Your Worth is about teaching single women how to live boldly for Christ without compromising their values and morals. Own Your Worth was created because Jessica knew what it felt like to be lonely, insecure, unsure of how to date, and felt like she would be alone forever. She teaches the Bible and all of the classes are based on His truth. Showing you how His word applies to your life as a single woman so you can live it out daily.  

She loves being a wife to her husband, Jon, and spends her free time outside whenever she can, playing golf, hiking, reading, and writing. She is also actively involved in her local church and loves every second of it.  

If you want to be personally coached by Jessica where she will help you grow a successful online business or help you lose weight (or gain muscle) and become healthy from the inside out, then connect with Jessica by clicking here!