What if you could feel loved, accepted, and cherished exactly as you are—right at this moment?  

What if you could heal from pain and allow the pain you felt to become the purpose you live? 

What if you could let go of the worry, fear, and anxiety, and appreciate each moment of this beautiful life you’ve been given? 

In this book, you walk through steps to begin to own your identity in Christ so that it becomes more than just knowing, in your mind, Whose you are, but believing it in your heart so that comparison doesn’t rule you, relationships don’t control you, and the number on the scale has no power over you.  

You learn how to:  

  • Fail successfully. 
  • Not let social media steal your peace and joy. 
  • Go from believing you are worthy to owning it and living it out. 
  • Stop allowing the past to dictate who you are today. 
  • Recognize the lies you keep believing and what to do about them. 



Jessica Vaughn’s passion to help others become confident and fearless comes directly from her relationship with Jesus. She inspires and encourages thousands by sharing her own personal struggles, victories, and journey through life. Though she’s much too humble to tell you herself, Jessica is a successful online entrepreneur, founder of the Own Your Worth Member Community, and author of two best-selling books, Know Your Worth and A Worthy Wife. 

Her passions are being a wife to her husband, Jon, being a momma to their three cats, and spending her free time outside whenever she can (playing golf, hiking, reading, or writing in her journal). Jessica has a heart that runs hard after Jesus and credits everything she has done to her Savior.